Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Fluff Post About Me

An arborist pruned the trees which touch Important Wires to the Snakepit Inc, and also pruned the Internet wire. I had about thirty hours without an Internet connection (the backup plan failed for different reasons) which made me realize that I'm addicted to this sh*t!

I missed you all, even though you are invisible critters only existing in my imagination!  I missed even the inane Twitter fights I sometimes follow (with a glass of nectar and some popcorn or while rending my clothes out of grief or anger).  I would have chewed my finger nails if snakes had any, but I certainly slithered around the house trying not to wash windows.

The reason for not washing the windows is that I'm not allowed to.  I still haven't gotten the all-clear x-ray on that pesky broken humerus right below the shoulder bone, though I've mostly mended.  I have a physical therapist who is into good pain (ouch) and stuff, and I follow every rule and train every move.  My right arm now goes vertical with some ease, though it still can't go further back from that vertical position as my left arm can.  They need to match, right?  At the end of the struggle.