Monday, May 18, 2015

Fundraising Day One. The Price Is Right.

I traveled a bit last week, surfing through living-rooms where Fox News provides the only reality one can trust and the only '"news" one can rely on.  Frightening experiences!  The world looks very different when half the news on other channels are missing and the remaining ones are blown out of all proportion.

But on television I was really affected by this show:  The Price Is Right. 

To participate in it you have to suffer from St. Vitus Dance whenever you see a waffle-iron or a toaster.  Or move by making only rabbit jumps and squeal a lot.  It's a quiz show, and the attraction to the viewers just might be how silly people can be made to act for some money.

Or perhaps not, and now I feel mean and heartless. But surely better programs are affordable in a country which spends enormous sums on its military?  Now I can't help thinking of the US military being governed by squealing and jumping generals.

Speaking of money, the official fundraising for this blog has begun.  Thanks to all who already gave and thanks to all whom I'm mesmerizing here to give.  As always, don't feel bad if you can't give.  I value all my readers.