Monday, November 03, 2014

VOTE, in the USA

In the US the day of the midterm elections is tomorrow.  Most forecasts predict a Republican House and Senate*.  That means the bus which was stopped for a few years will, once again, start careening towards the abyss.

But whatever your political views might be you should vote, rather than skip the midterm election.

You should especially vote if other people try to stop you from voting by direct actions, such as the movement trying to stop voter fraud not at the machines (where it's probably a bit more likely) but by mostly imaginary illegal voters.  The impact of the movement that requires specific types of IDs in order to vote hits the poor harder, hits the elderly harder, and hits the minorities harder.

Then there are the recent statements by various right-wingers arguing that young women shouldn't vote because they are too stupid to vote.  One way to respond to that is to list all the possible classes of people who might be too stupid to vote, but I won't stoop that low.  The point is that the right to vote was won with great sacrifices and should be treasured by the simple act of using it as it was intended:  Vote.

It takes less time than a dental cleaning** and is much more pleasurable.

*Largely because the competitive slots are mostly in Republican-leaning areas and because midterm elections tend to favor the party which doesn't have the presidency.  But general apathy also matters, and these predictions are not the same as final outcomes. Less than a thousand votes gave George Bush Jr. the presidency and all that followed from it.  Thus, it's never safe to assume that your vote or its absence wouldn't matter.

**Assuming you don't belong to one of those groups which others try to stop from voting.  Then it might take longer.