Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Approaches

And I noticed how glum I have been on the blog during the last few months, and if not glum then overly neutral.  The reason, my friends, is in the stars. *

Well, not in the stars as such, but partly in what's happening  (ISIL!  Ebola!  Climate Change!), partly in my own battle fatigue  (as in: "haven't I already written about this struggle some time during the last eleven years?", and: "did it make any f***ing difference at all?").   Yes, Virginia, sometimes I'm a pretty egoistic goddess, hoping that what I do matters more than a hill of beans in this crazy world.

To return the ball to the home plate (I'm trying to cram this post full of incomplete quotes, bad similes and so on), I can't think of anything to write about the politics of Halloween costumes that I haven't already written.
*And also "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall"  because I've been coping with some family health problems which are finally clearing.

Added later:  Something completely new for Halloween