Friday, June 27, 2014

Cynical Political Humor for Today

1.  On the question of how the US is to determine which parts of the Syrian opposition it should arm and abet, a possible list of questions is presented here.  What on earth could possibly go wrong by choosing to ship more arms into a particular battle zone?  Come to think of it, we should send a lot of drones, because they can be reused to bomb quite different parts of the globe.

2.  Here's an example of a lovely person who runs an alternative pregnancy center for Fallen Women and what she believes about women and contraception:

There is a war on women, but we’re not waging it,” Pinto added. “It’s coming from the pit of hell, like it did in the book of Genesis, when he told the women — when she bit the apple, he said, ‘You will not die.’”
“It’s the same lie. It’s the same war. And it’s not just on women, it’s on humanity. It’s on every aborted baby girl and baby boy. And every woman, and every man that has impregnated her.”

Don't you just love that term "impregnated, especially when expanded to every woman having been impregnated by every man?"  Then there's the reference to the original sin of being born female.  We should all try to avoid that, if at all possible. 

Elsewhere she calls the women who attend her center human wreckage.  Remember, SHE is the alternative the forced-birth right offers women.  So sweet.

3.  Dunlop suggested these golf tees as a good Father's Day gift.  They are shaped like headless naked pink women.  You put the golf ball where the head should be and then you whack off!  It's clearly something every dad fervently wants to own.  If nothing else, it's a good topic for discussion:  You hate all the bitches, too?  No? Really?  I thought everyone does.  Why would Dunlop sell these things otherwise?

4.  This piece is about the danger of pitchforks.  It's a semi-comical essay on one of the risks of being  super-rich when wealth and income inequality increases.