Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where We Can Have Nice Things

This is a great story about how a restaurant owner responded when someone wanted his waitstaff to show more skin.

This piece, about the headlines the gossip and celebrity news pick for female celebrities, is both fun and serious.  The serious part is naturally realizing that the message of the pictures is in the original headlines.  The fun part is normalizing the headlines.  More serious stuff about the same phenomenon can be found in this Guardian piece.

And this piece talks about that thing most of us already knew:  What makes us attractive (or not so much) is pretty dependent on how we are as individuals. 

There's a longer post in this all about the cartoonish focus on large breasts etc. in evolutionary psychology on one side and the fact that most people don't mate and have children with people they have picked on the basis of just their bra or jock strap size on the other side.  But I haven't read the original research so I can't write that post quite yet.  (I wonder if most people realize how much work even a flippant short post can be if the writer wants to know the field.  This is preparation for my beg week starting tomorrow.)