Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Speed-Blogging 4/29/14: On Rights For Guns, Religious Education and How One Gets To Be Judged As Outnumbered

1.  This is the sort of thing liable to happen when guns must have rights to be carried everywhere.

2.  A Republican candidate for South Carolina's lieutenant governor wants to end public education and replace it with religious schools.  He hasn't figured out yet how madrasas would be built into that system, because in his mind it's about Christian schools only.  I always find it fascinating how much brethren-under-the-skin the extreme religious people of the right-wing type are.  They want their religion to provide all the information anyone could acquire and they are always, always into caging up wimmenfolk.  Yet they hate each other, too.

3.  Fox News has a brand-new show called "Outnumbered!"  It's based on the idea of four women and one man talking gender wars.   I got a good laugh out of that, because of course a show having four men and one woman as hosts would not be seen as anyone being outnumbered.