Thursday, March 06, 2014

Short Posts, 3/6/14. From Serious to Silly

Dani McClain in the Nation reminds us not to forget about the black girls and women or the young Latinas while focusing on improving the opportunities of black and Latino boys and young men.  Monique Morris has more on the invisibility of girls of color.  Neither McClain nor Morris want to start oppression Olympics or deny the urgent needs of black and Latino boys and young men, but point out that the comparable female needs also should be addressed.

The Bitcoin markets are in trouble.  I've only recently read about the whole phenomenon, and find it a very interesting learning experience, especially to Libertarians who believe markets don't need any sort of outside framing to flourish.  Yet every market is like a poker game where someone needs to enforce the rules of the game and make sure that the deck is not marked.  That "someone" doesn't need to be the government but mostly ends up that way, because of the powers the referee needs to have.

This is a fun video where a young woman shows us how languages sound to those who don't actually speak them.  What she actually says is gibberish: