Friday, January 24, 2014

Shallow Thoughts For This Friday

1.  You know you need your eyes checked when every story about buffer zones around abortion clinics reads like it's about butter zones and when the "chivalry" that Kathryn Lopez (a conservative writer) praises Mike Huckabee for reads to me like "cavalry".  On the other hand, that's exactly how my best creative thoughts have been born, from mistakes of various types.  Mmm.

2.  On procrastination:  Here's one opinion piece about the best way to stop procrastinating in writing:  Get your hip joints replaced.  

That was a flat-falling joke, because the writer does have an interesting idea:  That the creative part of your brain (most likely not the right brain hemisphere, however)  might be awake when you are still all groggy with sleep.  If that means having to get up at six am, I'm never going to get anything done.  Some nights I'm hardly asleep by six am.

On the other hand, it's possible that my creativity is awake and doing stuff when I'm asleep.  That would explain why I work so very hard and get so very little done:  My creativity is spent on truly frightening technicolor nightmares and on those all-papers-coming-out-of-desk-drawers-while-poodles-climb-fire-ladders-and-charming-ladies-walk-by-leading-pigs-on-leashes.  Just to summarize where today's creativity was spent.

Procrastination is both a real problem and a form of self-defense.  The latter isn't appreciated enough.  If you delay making a fool out of yourself you feel better for a while longer. 

3.  You cannot really have a list of shallow thoughts with just two thoughts.  That's because humans see two things as a pair.  To have a crowd of shallowness you need three things or more.  Writing about that made my list a proper one and also helped in procrastinating.