Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Blogging Thoughts

1.  I have a new ergonomic mouse!  That, my friends, means a little less pain and suffering in this highly paid avocation.

2.  I didn't write the posts today my muse was telling me to write (he really knows best).  Now I feel disgruntled.  Disgruntled is a scrumptious term for the way I often feel while wading through the primeval muck parts of the cyberspace.  Try it in your mouth (not the muck, the word) and see if you agree. 

Exigent is a brand new member of my adopted language family, as in "the exigent demands of my muse went unheeded."  This turned them into  nagging, as in a common interpretation of why someone nags.  It's often just not being listened to.  Sorry, muse.  But the topics will keep.

3.  This is a wonderful accompaniment to almost anything:  Why Don't You Do Right, sung by Lil Green in 1941, the original version of the song:

More about the singer, Lil Green here.  She died far too young.