Wednesday, November 13, 2013

For The Ten-Year Blogoversary: Thoughts Three

I'm still celebrating my one decade of blogging.  Celebrating may not be the best word,  because though it IS a party (for one, inside my brain, hear the drums!),  my thinking about the meaning of the universe (not 42) and the role of writing of this type is in turmoil. 

After Blogger made it possible for me to see which posts are read a lot and which are read less and after those recommend-buttons were added I spotted something a bit disconcerting:  The posts that do by far the best (read* by a thousand or more) are not the feminist posts but the economic posts.

Add to that the fact that I get almost no aggro for those, whereas the more explicitly feminist blogs have the danger of both outside aggro and circular firing squads, and I have started wondering if I should change what I write about.  There's no money, either way (though you can still send me blogoversary presents), and both fields have lots of stuff to dig.  But one field is full of hidden mines, the other a nice open meadow with perhaps just a few irate bulls and cows.  Also, I'm trained in economics.  My training in feminism is not a formal one though equally extensive.

Sigh.  The world is thankless, thankless I say.  Joking.  Except there's a bit of truth in that joke.
*I'm not sure if someone just reading the front page is counted as reading a particular post or if the person must come in via a link to that person or click on the comments or something similar.