Monday, November 11, 2013

bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry

I recommend this wonderfully interesting video interview  of bell hooks by Melissa Harris-Perry on the evolution of black feminism in the US (and on race and racism and on lots of other things, actually).  It's ninety minutes well spent.

I just finished watching it myself, and I need a day or two to decide if I get the urge to write more about it*.  I loved much of the interaction between the two women and the  intricate and nuanced ideas they tossed up into the air.

*Partly because I didn't grow up in the US I really am an outsider when it comes to understanding the various sub-cultures, partly because the concepts of Othering and exclusion,  discussed in the interview, may have wider ramifications, to the extent we all use them in some form.  If we do, not sure about it yet.  What may matter more is where a particular excluder stands on the societal ladders.  Exclusion by someone without much power tends not to "stick."  But is the tendency universal of humans?