Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Folders We Need

I am now making folders of material which one needs to argue with weirdos on the net.  For instance, some time ago a story about a woman whose son got accused of sexual harassment in college led to the odd statement that colleges always find the man guilty in these cases, always.  I knew it wasn't necessarily so, because I had read many stories which argued that the alleged victim got no help from the college at all, but I hadn't saved those stories.  Well, now I do save them, and this one goes in that folder.

I am also collecting stuff on domestic violence, rape arrest and sentencing rates, the treatment of fathers in custody courts and so on.

The need to do this is lamentable, but necessitated by the fact that people on the net seem to have their own facts, in the way they used to have their own opinions.  If you don't have "your" facts stored, you are handicapped in any debates, and that handicap is unfair when the other people's "facts" are all one-sided.

We also need more general websites will all the information together and in easily found forms.  I'm going to try to do some of that on my own blog, but it's really a bigger endeavor than one puny goddess can undertake, all on her lonesomeness.

-- This is about my Ten Year Blog Anniversary coming, under the folder:  The Changes We Need.