Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Was It Good For You, Too, Baby? Or What's The Point of The Female Orgasm? A Re-Posting

I wrote two posts on this question, with the basic premise that I know nothing (except in a laygoddess way if one can even regard us divines as lay-anything), and that I was going to ask questions in these posts.  But to be honest, I think female orgasm is there to make women more willing to have sex. 

The first post is here,  the second here.

After reading them again, I'm more struck by the lack of interest in the female multiple orgasms.  Research which looks pretty neutral often has an odd tilt, because the questions we feel are important are already embedded in our  societal ideas. 

Thus, it looks obvious (but is it?) that men need to orgasm to ejaculate, but that women don't have to orgasm to get pregnant, so we start from the assumption that the female orgasm is like a frilly collar.  Nice to have, but probably not essential at all.

But if the female orgasm is just a happy byproduct of the male orgasm, how come many women routinely have multiple orgasms and very few men seem to have that knack?   And how come that doesn't  result in a vast field of research?