Thursday, June 27, 2013

Speed-Blogging, June 27, 2013

First, American Apparel advertises its unisex shirts rather interestingly.   Several photo series show women with bare bottoms.  Those women must be too poor to afford panties after paying for that flannel shirt?

For the sake of fairness, I combed the site for revealing pictures of men in the unisex shirts.  There were a few series where the men could afford underpants but not jeans or slacks.  Still, none of them had bare bottoms.

American Apparel is a fascinating corporation.  It's opposed to sweatshops  but it is for extra objectification of women.

Second,  Tammy Duckworth addresses someone who seems to have abused the system for claiming Veterans' disability.  I hope she will never get angry with me.

Third, does Alito mock female Justices from the bench?

Fourth and finally, the NYT wrote about male victims of sexual abuse in the military.  The article appeared a few days ago.  Adele Stan wrote a commentary on it.

It's important to acknowledge both the fact that men are the majority of victims (because of much greater numbers of men than women in the military) and that women have a fivefold chance of becoming victims of sexual abuse.  The problem, therefore, is not specifically about women in the military but the problem is larger for the women in the military.