Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Most Glamorous Outfit For This Blog

Is Google Analytics.  It gives me almost three times the number of visits as Sitemeter does.  Blogger numbers are somewhere in the middle.  So what I clearly want to do is to seek advertisers on the basis of the Google Analytics, right?

None of the three is right, because there is no such thing anymore.  Sitemeter doesn't measure anyone who has the do-not-follow thingy on her or his browser, and wise people tell me that Blogger counts robots whereas Google Analytics is not supposed to.  So how come it gives me more clicks?  Even Sitemeter records the Googlebot.

Add to that people who read through the many and various feeds, and the result is that I had no idea if anyone reads me or if my readership is growing or shrinking or staying constant.  This shouldn't matter, but it does, both because I need "a platform" for the book to be published one day in the next millennium and because advertising income is nice for chocolate purchases and depends on those clicks.

Still, the most crucial reason for me having worried about those numbers is internal.  I'm not gonna write if nobody wants to read me.  Which explains why I have been quite happy (cheerful! elated! dancing under the moon!) when I found out that the Sitemeter numbers are not the only possible ones.  Indeed, all the information taken together suggests that I'm getting more adulators as all goddesses should.  Or that's what I have decided.

Speaking of outfits, did I ever show you this 1940s dress I bought (for thirty dollars and the trouble of fixing one cigarette burn)?  It looks like a proper Vivian Leigh outfit on me.