Saturday, April 13, 2013


Love it.  Our affair began fairly recently but the food sex has never been better.  It's worth all that foreplay, standing by the stove with the boiling broth and the wooden spatula, stirring, stirring, stirring...

The rice needs to be of the right type, the type which remains firm but moist, which coagulates and slowly, slowly, agonizingly slowly falls apart at the very moment when the taste buds explode in orgasmic enjoyment.

Anything can be gently massaged into a risotto: peas, mushrooms, garlic, herbs.  The flavors intermingle but remain subtle, the waiting for it to be ready is a delicious agony.  Risotto day!

And if you ever tire of the wholesome food sex of risotto, buy a bottle of truffle oil*.  Gently dribble some of it on your heaped portion right before eating and prepare for a whole new world of taste.

*It's pricy per bottle but not expensive per meal, especially if compared to the price of actual truffles.