Monday, January 14, 2013

A Confession Post

Which you may skip if you prefer only meaningful epistles from me.  I'm writing this in case some of you think that I'm perfect, what with being a goddess and all.

I'm not perfect, sadly.  I procrastinate when it comes to sending parcels by post to friends and relatives and I'm utterly addicted to high-quality chocolates.

When these two flaws collide, watch out!  I've been intending to send a parcel to my sister for several weeks now.  It sits on the table, with all the tools needed to finish wrapping it up and addressing it.  But I wanted to let her taste some of the wonderful Vermont chocolates, so I bought four bars.

And then bought four bars again.  And again.

The parcel must now go without chocolate...
And no, nobody paid me for this post, sniff.