Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday Fun: Rush LImbaugh and Camilla Paglia in The Same Earful!

Content warning:  If you listen to this audio your ears will detach, circle the whole globe and reattach themselves on the wrong sides of your head.  Upside-down and backwards.

Any logical parts of your brain will explode in blue smoke, after trying to make some sense out of the garbled word-salad and the odd juxtapositions and the utter total impression that you are consuming the equivalent of a scraped-from-the-kitchen-floor gourmet dinner, prepared by a mad-hatter-chef.  Well, two of those.

Finally, the assertion that Paglia is a feminist makes you scream so loud that your vocal cords will turn into a very small British pork pie.

But other than that, go ahead and have a good listening experience!