Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's Weird Feminist Political Themes, Growing From The Debates

First theme:  NEVER admit you are a feminist!  

Even if you are, in the sense that you believe in gender equality (say, in equal opportunities and in   equal valuation of traditionally female and male spheres of activity), because the real, hidden definition of a feminists is -- guess what?  A man-hater, naturally.  Or at least someone who only cares about wimminz.

We have Rush Limbaugh (feminazis...)  to thank for so very much, friends, and not the least for that distorting mirror (showing horrible armpit hair reaching down to those unfortunate Birkenstocks) the society places in front of us feminists. 

It now takes enormous courage just to come out of that equality closet, sigh.  Hence all those "I'm not a feminist but..." people out there.

Second theme: The society needs more feminist consciousness.

For how otherwise can someone write a whole blog post about "what women want in a president" and come up with this?

It’s true that issues are important, including social and cultural matters, as well as a plan on growing the economy and affordable day care and equal pay and flex time. But women, like all voters, also cue into the type of leader someone might be, and what their personality and communication skills say about them as a man.
I think many women are conflicted on this in their personal life choices as well as in their political leaders.  Often women express a desire that they want what has been traditionally called the “Alan Alda man” — someone who’s sensitive who will key into their feelings, listen and not be overly masculine. But often they choose the opposite. Many women think they have to decide between a man who is gentle but weak and one who is strong but mean. When given the choice, women opt more for the John Wayne type.

Did you spot what's weird about the post?  Being a leader and being a boyfriend/husband are equated.  Try reversing that and ask what male voters want in a female president.