Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thanks, Distance Readers

Information about your existence is very helpful.  From where I sit, all I get told are the actual visits to this blog.  All others are invisible to me.  That can create weird incentives.  For instance, suppose that a hundred regular readers all switch to Google Reader, say, simultaneously.  What I would then observe is a drop of hundred readers.  Then I'd wonder what I'm doing wrong and if I should stop this shitty blog right away and so on.  That's what comes with being a neurotic goddess.

More precisely, I need that information for the purposes of possibly  getting an agent for the so-far imaginary book  (they want a "pre-market," heh), and also for the purposes of figuring out funding for what goes on here (and the chocolates).

But essentially the problem is that I have no way of knowing my total readership right now.  The Google Reader suggests that I have over 1400 subscribers but who knows what that means, and in any case it's just Google Reader.  On the other hand, perhaps many of those subscriptions are never read.  On the other hand, much bigger blogs have fewer subscribers.  And so on and so on.

None of this is of interest to you but since I'm still working on the old comments transfer and similar matters my creative juices are running slow. 

Let me also say that I'm honored by every one of my readers.  Smart lot, you are.