Thursday, September 06, 2012

Advice, Please

I'm at the beginning of a book project*.  I need your opinions on the best type of writing style for a book which is going to have granola contents (i.e. facts and information).

Is the best style the slightly weird chatty style I use on this here blog?  Something academic and very neutral?  Or a compromise between the two?

And how much humor?

This picture below is not a specimen page from the book but one of my first efforts (from that Echidne-At-Five booklet) at teaching myself to write.  For those of you who read Finnish, it's a copy of a Christmas song or poem about Santa Claus and such, with no spacing and with a few of the letters flipped over.

*The topic remains a secret right now and the 'book' may never become a proper book.  But I'm gonna write it, says she, determinedly.