Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Post About Me

I fell down the stairs a few days ago,  carrying a tray loaded with china.  My bare feet slipped and the heels decided to fly instead of obeying gravity.

My martial arts falling skills came in handy!  I managed to land myself half-way down the tumble, and all that was hurt was one elbow, one spot on my back which took most of the impact and my palms which slapped down hard.  Weird how I had my head raised without even thinking about it!

One never knows which expenses turn out the most profitable...

For the kind-hearted among you, I'm fine.  The china?  Not so fine.

What was fascinating about that mishap was the ability many of us have of very clear thinking in a very short amount of time.   I become a computer in emergencies.  Time to shake afterwards!