Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan

Time to write about the Republican VP pick, right?  When I first saw the news I kept thinking that this is someone I know very little about and must research.  Vacations seem to mean an empty head for me.

Because I have, indeed, written quite a bit about the granny-starving poster boy of the Tea Party!  For a few examples, go here, here, here, here, here, and here. 

What's to say about this VP pick in general?  It's not unexpected.  A real extreme fringe warrior, to soothe the hearts of wingnuts who worry about Romney's political values.  Ryan has all the right characteristics!  He wants to work in the government to destroy it, he wants lots of freedom for firms and the NRA and zero freedom for women and so on.  He's not sufficiently religious, given that his proper religion appears to be AynRandianism, though his religion is quite acceptable for movement conservatives.

And what a clever time to announce that pick!  Just when people were asking for Romney to release his tax records for more years which he refused to do!  Now we have all forgotten about the tax records and talk about the topic ordered for the day.  Funny how the conservatives still determine every day's political topics.

Ryan doesn't believe in reproductive rights for women, of course.  He believes for those rights for rapists and for the government and so on, but not for women.  

In short, he's exactly what we might have expected.  And with that pick the Republicans are also back to the old and tested pattern of Two White Guys for the top posts.