Friday, February 10, 2012

The Voices We Hear On Contraceptive Coverage And Religious Opposition

I truly want to write about something else but this particular topic just will not go away. Here's another interesting aspect of it:
President Obama’s regulation mandating that health insurance plans offer free birth control is an issue that most directly affects women. And yet, the cable news chatter over this controversy has been driven mostly by men, according to a new ThinkProgress analysis.
From Monday through Thursday evening, the leading cable news channels – Fox, Fox Business, MSNBC, and CNN – invited almost twice as many men as women onto their shows to discuss contraceptive coverage.
Actually, the issue affects men almost as much, given that birth control is used in heterosexual intercourse which sorta involves men. But women also need the contraceptive pill for the treatment of some medical conditions.

Still, the point is a pertinent one. It comes from those who usually mouth on those programs. The same faces will be invited, naturally, and the tradition is that those faces belong to men, mostly. And to a few ladies who frown upon feminism. -- I would have liked to see the Bishops vs. the Women! In a boxing ring (which is a square, by the way).

But here's one man who will always have access to the public, our kind patriarch Rick Santorum. He stuck his toe in the turbulent waters of feminism:
Speaking to CNN’s John King, the former Pennsylvania senator said: “That’s the Church’s money, and forcing them to do something that they think is a grievous moral wrong. How can that be a right of a woman? That has nothing to do with the right of a woman.”
Funny that. Insert the idea of "no woman priests" into that thoughtlet and I bet Santorum would say exactly the same thing. The church thinks women as priests would be a major sin, too.