Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Tall Latte. Double Shot of Semen, Please.

Apropos of my post concerning what opposing abortion (and even contraception) and opposing same-sex marriage have in common:

I argued that both of those serve to prop up the rigid gender roles of the traditional marriage. And here we get (via Eschaton) a glimpse into that world!
A high-level Corbett administration adviser resigned his $104,470 position Tuesday after questions were raised about his outside role as editor of a conservative faith-based journal.
Along with disclosing welfare adviser Robert W. Patterson's departure, the administration swiftly distanced itself from the views expressed in the journal he edits.
Patterson was hired in October by Welfare Secretary Gary Alexander as a special assistant to help set policy for services provided to millions of Pennsylvanians through the Department of Public Welfare (DPW).
Last week, The Inquirer began asking about Patterson's side job as editor of The Family in America, published by an Illinois-based research center that advocates for the "natural human family . . . established by the Creator."
In the journal, Patterson has weighed in on everything from what he called "misguided" programs that grew out of the 1960s War on Poverty - programs now administered by DPW - to what he described as a woman's ideal role in society: married and at home raising children.
For instance, he wrote about research that he said showed that if women wanted to find "Mr. Right," they should shun birth control pills; and if they wanted to improve their mood, they should not insist that their men wear condoms lest they miss out on beneficial chemicals found in semen.
Carey Miller, spokeswoman for DPW, said Patterson submitted his letter of resignation Tuesday.

Love that idea of the beneficial chemicals found in semen! All coffee bars should sell a semen cappuccino! Hold the cream, double-shot of semen on bad-hair days! Even men could order it, to take advantage of those beneficial chemicals. And think of the jobs we'd create!

More seriously, of course, there you have it, the conservative religious gender agenda in all three Abrahamic religions. Women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Which is pretty odd, given that the Bible, for instance, says nothing about that.