Friday, January 20, 2012

Fixing Those Predatory Sluts!

This is a peach! A story about a UK Member of the Parliament wanting teenaged girls, and only girls, to have extra sex education over and above what all teenagers get, and that on the desirability of abstinence!
MPs will debate a controversial bill on Friday calling for teenage girls to be given lessons in sexual abstinence.
The bill, proposed by Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, would require schools to offer extra sex education classes to girls aged 13 to 16 and for these lessons to include advice on "the benefits of abstinence".
In May, MPs voted 67 to 61, majority six, in favour of allowing Dorries to bring forward her bill. It is listed to receive its second reading on Friday morning, though it is unlikely to become law without government support.
The bill has angered feminists, humanists and pro-abortionists, hundreds of whom will be demonstrating outside parliament while the debate takes place.
Beth Granter, a socialist and feminist who has organised the demonstration, predicts that at least 300 will join it. Some 750 have shown their support on Facebook.
The bill has elicited considerable criticism from politicians in all three of the main political parties.

It's not gonna pass, of course. But it's a good reminder of that distorted mirror world view of the extreme social conservatives everywhere!

And Dorries is refreshingly honest in her views. If they were presented to my imaginary alien friend from outer space, it/he/she/they would conclude that teenage girls are the sex predators of this planet, always pestering everyone for sex. Why else single them out for more abstinence exhortations than the boys?