Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Way To Respond To Sexual Harassment: P%$#OW!??

The Herman Cain sexual harassment accusations dig up all sorts of interesting stuff from the bottom mud of the oceans that R Us. For one example, see how Fox News people cover it. It's nowhere near as bad as it could be, given the bias Fox News has, but it is still very informative:

The interesting bit:
Discussing the story with Megyn Kelly, Powers discussed this clear hole in the story:
“Some people look at this and they say, y’know – I don’t know what you would do, Megyn, but, if I were in that situation, if someone put their hand up my skirt and pushed my head down, someone would be in the hospital and it wouldn’t be me. Also everyone would know about it.”
It feels wonderful to think like that, it does. Me the powerful female Ninja, he the Bad Guy who ends up in the hospital!

Then reality rears its ugly gray head and looks at you with its blurry eyes: Any woman who would carry out that daydream would NEVER get a single employment offer from that industry again, NEVER.

Because the guy in that daydream is powerful, and because nobody ever hires anyone who has made a fuss like that in the past.

It's just the way things are. Ask those who have gone public about the crimes of corporations they worked for, say. Your career is over and you better get enough from the courts or publicity to survive for several years.

I exaggerate a little there, mostly to make the point that There Are Consequences from going public with claims like this, just as sending a harasser to hospital with physical damage would also have consequences for the woman.

Some other bits in that video are also interesting, including the idea that avoiding being alone with married men will keep you safe from sexual harassment.