Friday, November 04, 2011

The Nazgûl Rule in Wisconsin

It's a most fascinating place, these days, full of what conservatives call social engineering when they are not doing it. But Wisconsin is run by wingnuts now, and it's instructive to learn what sorts of things they find Very Important to change.

There's the right to take a gun to the state Capitol, for instance, and the general right to carry concealed guns. How that will work out in road rage cases is something we will all learn about in the near future.

So having weapons available all over the place is crucial for the Nazgûls. What else?

Well, this:
Ever since Republicans captured the majority in a number of state legislatures last November, they have systematically attempted to make it more difficult to vote: by onerous voter ID requirements (in Wisconsin, Republicans have legislated photo IDs while simultaneously shutting Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices in Democratic constituencies while at the same time lengthening the hours of operation of DMV offices in GOP constituencies)

And then this:
Schools that teach sexual education would have to promote marriage and tell students abstinence is the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy, under a bill the Senate passed Wednesday.
The Republican-backed measure passed on a party-line 17-15 vote and now goes to the Republican-run Assembly. It would allow schools to teach abstinence-only courses, which has been banned in Wisconsin since last year under a law Democrats passed when they controlled state government.


The courses also would have to discuss parental responsibility and the socioeconomic benefits of marriage and explain pregnancy, prenatal development and childbirth.
Beyond that, Lazich's bill would recommend - but not mandate - other topics to be covered. Current law requires sex education courses to cover a range of subjects, such as anatomy, puberty, parenting, body image, the benefits of abstinence, marriage and family responsibility, the use of contraceptives and how drugs and alcohol affect decision-making.
And I'm not even going to write about what has been done to the unions and to the teachers there.

Sauron is smiling, you know.