Saturday, November 05, 2011

More from Nakke, The Finnish-Speaking Parrot

Here he sits on his roost in the kitchen at night.

Rough translation:
He says "Give me a kiss" and makes smooch sounds. This is repeated several times in the video. He then says "who is it there", imitates coughing and laughter, calls the woman his beloved or love (though slightly wrong).

He then asks "who is it?" again, and starts saying "cuckoo". He laughs, and then appears to poop. After that he says "So." Then "papa will clean," to which the woman responds by saying "not now".

Nakke then says "what are you doing, UGH!" "UGH!" The next bit I can't quite get but he appears to say "who says poop?" "Why do you say it?"

The "cuckoo" game is repeated several times, he says "silly!" and then something I don't get.

At the end of the video he says "give me a kiss" again, then "give me your paw" He ends by saying "Oh dear" or "Oh bother" or "Damn" and flies away. (These choices are because none of them quite corresponds to "voi, voi sentaan.")