Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging While Female

Sadie Doyle writes about Internet misogyny, a topic I also wrote about a while ago.

The topic Sadie covers is not for laughs but this is hilarious:
Last October, cartoonist Gabby Schulz published a comic about Internet sexism. Titled, in part, “How Every Single Discussion About Sexism And Woman-Type Stuff On The Internet Has Ever Happened,” it detailed a familiar cycle: Man says sexist thing, woman responds, men shout at woman, etc.
Within 24 hours, “men’s rights” blog The Spearhead fulfilled Schultz’s prophecy. Their post, titled “Feminist Cartoonist Bemoans Online Resistance, Claims She is Enslaved by Patriarchy When Men Disagree With Her,” sniffed that Schultz’s cartoon “supposedly depicts what happened when she called some guy sexist.” Predictably sexist comments followed: “I bet ole Gabby is soaking wet with all the attention shes getting tonight,” one Spearhead commenter opined. ”Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt,” wrote another. Yet another wrote, “I am not being sexist when I say I do think your point of view is lesbic: you seem to despise all men.” Schulz reports receiving death threats.
So far, so predictable. Except for one tiny detail: Gabby Schulz is a guy. His biography — easily accessible from the offending post — shows him with a full beard, and uses the pronoun “him.” The comic was based on a controversy surrounding cartoonist Kate Beaton. But many harassers had no inclination to fact-check: If someone named “Gabby” didn’t like sexism, that someone had to be a self-pitying girl.
Speaking of hilarious trolling, I get a big laugh from those trolls who tell me I obviously cannot think at all or who correct me in the field of my doctorate because they took an intro course once, and me being but a feeble-minded foaming c***t must be corrected. It really is funny.

Asshattery is not gender-linked, as such, but the patronizing and loud teachery tone without any actual listening is an odd perk we female bloggers get.