Sunday, October 02, 2011

Today's Sermon. From Rocco Grimaldi.

We can combine sports coverage and religion in one post! Love it.

Here's Rocco Grimaldi, a hockey player, giving girls some advice:

There you have it!

But it gets better!

Rocco moved on to the fellas after that:

"Guys, when did sleeping with every girl u can make u a man? Anyone can lay with a woman. And don't blame the women for how they dress. Don't say it's because they want attention. Don't blame ur "curiosity" or that u just wanted a little taste of what it would be like. Women are not an object for playing with. Sex is a gift from God. We have made it idolatry by how we use it. We blame the women for what they're wearing, we blame the media for what they're producing, but we never blame OURSELVES for how WE'VE twisted God's gift to only glorify ourselves. WE are the men and WE are to blame. God put US in charge of this earth so WE are the ones who need to man up and lay down our lust. Don't fall into that temptation. If you don't do this, you may be a boy for the rest of ur life #ManUp"
Bolds are mine. Men were put in charge of this earth! Women are not, however, an object to be played with. They are the handmaidens who are put on earth to obey Rocco and other men.

They are a gift, really. Like something under the Christmas tree. And they should be properly wrapped up. As Rocco kindly and condescendingly explains above.

Writing about these particular religious interpretations makes me feel dizzy, because these days they are sprinkled with pseudo-feminist bits and because some of the basic ideas are not bad. For instance, there are strong societal pressures to equate beautiful with extremely sexual when it comes to women's fashions, and we should be much more aware of that.

But then our Rocco inserts his reverse societal pressure and quickly slides into women-should-cover-up-because-it-is-better-for-men. He argues that men should take more responsibility, sure! But it's not because men should take equal responsibility. It's because men are the bosses of women.

People like Grimaldi remind me of someone who wants to care for and re-stock wild pheasant populations so that hunting can continue, yet calls himself an animal rights' activist.
Link via Moe Szyslak.