Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Job Creators

This is the new term for corporations. Indeed, this term is used for all the wealthy, whether they spend their money in this country or abroad and even if they hoard it under their beds (which creates no jobs anywhere).

They still count as job creators! Most current evidence suggests that giving these so-called job creators more money or fewer regulations cannot make them create jobs.

And the reason is a very obvious one: You, the consumer, are also a job creator! How about that?

Imagine if suddenly many extra consumers walked into the local car dealership and bought new cars. Imagine this continuing for a few months. The car dealership would have to start hiring more people to serve all those customers, and there would be extra demand for more cars to be produced. Rinse and repeat for all types of consumer goods and services.

People are not spending. Spending people are job creators, too.