Friday, September 23, 2011

Can The Fish Taste The Water They Swim In?

Atrios makes an important point:
You can see how everybody starts to jump a bit when TEH MARKET starts to crash. The labor market crashed years ago and still hasn't recoverd.
He is naturally talking about the financial markets when he mentions "teh market." But it made me think of how accustomed we become to the way things are. Like little fishes swimming in the sea we probably don't think that water has a taste.

For instance, every news program gives us the financial news. There are specific programs focusing on nothing but the financial markets, and newspapers have whole sections covering them.

Yet it is rare, these days, for any media source to have a section focusing on labor news, and the nightly news certainly do not routinely cover labor issues. All this despite the fact that many more people are workers than stake-holders in the financial markets.

And sure, financial news are important and affect our lives. But surely labor news are also important and affect our lives?