Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer's Adam

It does not exist, I'm sad to tell you. But Summer's Eve does exist. It is a special cleansing liquid for vaginas. So that they don't smell bad. I have not found a special cleansing liquid for penises so that they wouldn't smell bad, ever.

This Summer's Eve was shown as an ad with the new Harry Potter movie:

I guess it's funny. It also implies that vaginas are the secret power which makes the world go around, that women are fairly passive princesses and that men act, even die, for the desire to get access to pussy. And, naturally, that ordinary cleanliness is just not enough for something so desired and "powerful" as vaginas are.

On the other hand, what else could a company manufacturing a special cleansing liquid (which might not even be healthy to use) for the vaginas alone use in its ads? The need must be created for the product to be sold.

I'm eagerly awaiting the launching of Summer's Adam.