Monday, July 25, 2011

The Political Kabuki Theater on The Debt Ceiling

This is such fun! The Republicans want to raise the debt ceiling only until next March when we are all promised a new round of these theater performances where the Republicans growl and breathe fire and the Democrats wring their hands and talk about compromise.

The Democrats want the ceiling raised until after the 2012 elections, which the Republicans see as a dastardly plot about elections and electability. But then having this tiresome spectacle again in March would be all about helping the Republican presidential candidates' electability.

It would all be great fun to watch from another planet. I especially wish to point out this:
Both the Republican-controlled House and the Democratic-dominated Senate prepared to take up partisan plans to raise the debt limit and cut deficits. First votes are expected Wednesday.
The plans share a number of similarities - both would cut discretionary spending by $1.2 trillion and set up special committees to find more savings. And neither plan includes new revenues - a major concession by Democrats to the GOP's bottom line.

I wouldn't call that a major concession. A better term would be an almost-total-surrender. But even that does not suffice for the boyz on the right. And yes, it's hard to remember that the administration and the Senate are not run by Republicans right now. I guess that is where the hilarity lies for me.

Soon the real bosses may appear on the scene, given the rattling of the stock markets! Pass the popcorn for one more act of these plays.