Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meanwhile, in Texas, A Fire Bomb Attack At A Clinic Which Does Not Perform Abortions

Luckily, it seems that nobody was hurt in this act of domestic terrorism. But this story is still worrisome:
Planned Parenthood of North Texas said someone threw an ignited container of diesel fuel that smashed the outer glass of the front door and started a small fire around the door and on the sidewalk. The container was not thrown inside the clinic which is located in a small strip mall shopping center.
Planned Parenthood said this is the first time one of its 21 health centers in North Texas has been attacked with some kind of incendiary device and called it "alarming."
The McKinney clinic provides women's health and reproductive services, but does not perform abortions, according to Planned Parenthood.
The clinic opened in June 2008 and frequently draws anti-abortion protesters who have demonstrated without incident.
This is a clinic which does not provide abortions but services such as checkups, cancer screenings and so on. Yet it was attacked with an incendiary device.