Friday, July 29, 2011

Get Ready for a 360° S#$tstorm (Breasts Edition) (by res ipsa)

NYT: Breast Feeding Doll is Coming to America
There’s a new doll entering the American toy market called the Breast Milk Baby. In addition to the doll, little girls (and boys) get a halter top that they can wear, with two flowers that symbolize breasts.

As the doll’s mouth is brought to the flowers, it makes a sucking sound, as if it is drinking milk. Afterward, the doll cries until it is burped.

“The whole purpose behind a doll is to pretend like you’re a parent,” said Dennis Lewis, the American representative for Berjuan Toys, the Spanish company that makes the dolls. “The dolls are meant to just let kids play as mommies and daddies naturally.”
Oh, Mr. Lewis: you're so cute. I don't know what's going to freak out Americans more: the whole idea of a child play-acting at breastfeeding or the fact that you're marketing it to little boys as well as little girls. I see that Father Cough I mean, O'Reilly has already weighed in on the controversy (and as we know, he's well qualified to discuss all manner of topics, including breasts) and the requisite "For" and "Against" Facebook pages established. As soon as our esteemed congress gets through blowing up the world economy I'm sure they'll enact a ban, potential Constitutional challenges be damned.

Some days, I think our entire society needs to be burped.