Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Five Sexist References in Just One Show! Well Done, Fox News.

Via Media Matters:

I will give you only the first example from that video:
Greg Gutfeld Twice Compared Government Spending With "A Wife And Her Credit Cards." Discussing the debt ceiling, panelist Greg Gutfeld said, "That's the problem with being president: You love raising the debt ceiling. It's like a wife and her credit cards. Americans have to be the husband that takes the credit card and breaks it up." He later said of President Obama: "He's like your wife running around with your credit cards."
Gutfeld assumes:
a) that the husband is the one whose money the family spends
b) that the wife spends that money (which belongs to the husband only) in a reckless fashion, until the husband breaks up her credit cards
c) that the viewer of this program can easily identify with the husband rather than the wife.

There's more about sugar daddies and prostitutes and mistresses. Most every type of woman, from stay-at-home-wives to prostitutes got bashed in just that one show!

I felt sad for those two women sitting at that desk, because by inference they were what Gutfeld (mostly it was him) used to ridicule the government. And they just sat there.