Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Clarification To The Post Below

I was wearing my medieval velvet beret with the tassel on the side while writing it, surrounded by them academic robes. I was not wearing my fighting helmet and double swords and throw-knives. Sometimes the former is necessary, sometimes the latter. And sometimes posting cute kittens is necessary.

At the same time, I feel wrong about writing the former type of post rather than the latter type of post on the topic of the very one-sided markets for paid sex (where women are the workers, men the customers, on the whole), a market which has traditionally and routinely criminalized and punished the sellers of sex, not the buyers, a market in which those sellers are left without much legal protection if they do get violently attacked, a market which indeed uses sexual trafficking and slavery (at least in part) to get those sellers which were then in the past criminalized and punished.

And all this in a society where being called a whore is an insult, but being called a john is nothing at all. Yet the market itself could not exist without the johns, would not exist without them.