Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's Hilarious Story: Dude-itors

It is about the "new" breed of dude editors!

A snippet:
Just a night of dudes being dudes, bros being bros, but there’s a lot of this going around Manhattan media these days. In fact, you don’t have to look farther than the youngish, vaguely athletic, literate and street-jargoned top editors at The New York Times Magazine, Bon Appétit and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. They’re dudes; they’re editors. Ladies and dudes, meet the Dude-itors. These are not the editors who call you “Mr.” and “Miss,” as famed New Yorker editor William Shawn once did — although he did drive an M.G. convertible on the weekend. These guys say “Hey, man” as a salutation. Dude-itors don’t practice lines for lunch at the Century Association — they practice their golf swing in the office, toss around Nerf footballs when an issue is closing, and occasionally play pickup basketball together.
Delicious! As Matt Yglesias points out in a tweet, dude editors are as rare as female nurses! A story worth telling.

If John Koblin, the writer of this piece, was in the business of manufacturing after-shave, all he would need to do is to condense this and put it in a bottle.

I'd buy it. Then I'd squirt it all over my boringly female persona and come out high-fiving everyone, in-between spitballs and back-slaps and groin scratches and golf practice. Yeah, man. Huge, man. Nice rack, man!