Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things To Read

Gail Collins, in "The Year of Living Adulterously", writes something which strikes a bell with me:
As to Governor Daniels, the voters are unlikely to give a fig about the interesting past of his wife, Cheri. But if he wants to protect her from the embarrassment of being asked about it 24/7, perhaps he could just declare her off limits. The news media has generally respected those kinds of rules when it comes to presidential candidates’ children, as long as said offspring don’t show up on reality shows or as teen-abstinence ambassadors for a shoe store foundation.
Of course, a wife who is off limits would not be able to campaign for her husband. I think that would be terrific. Finally, we could end the tradition that a presidential candidate’s spouse is running for something, too. If we want a first family to obsess over, we should just hire a king and queen.
That would be a great improvement. As I have mentioned before, political spouses (usually wives) really do have a job but one they don't get paid for.

Juliet Williams points out something we have talked about on this here blog: That there is a difference between being a ladies' man and a rapist, and a difference between adultery and the latter, too.

And French feminists don't quite appreciate some of the French reaction to the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case.