Monday, May 23, 2011

Overheard (by res ipsa)

The scene: just now, on the subway.

Dramatis personae: two teenage boys (unsure of age -- if they're younger than twenty or so, they all look sixteen to me), me.

NO. 1: Sometimes I want a girl for everything: to chill with, to talk to, to take to my mother's for dinner, to have sex with.
NO 2: /nods
NO: 1: But sometimes I want a girl for just sex.
NO 2: /nods
NO: 1 But that's androgynous.
NO 2: /shakes head
NO: 1: Misdrogynous.
NO: 2: /shakes head
NO: 1: Misogynist!
NO 2: /looks at me, smiles