Monday, May 23, 2011

Once More on Kanazawa

I probably have written a book on his ideas on this blog. If you have missed them you can check them out. The first series on him starts here, the second series starts here, and there are other posts scattered all over the archives, too many to link to.

It wasn't much fun to wade in the primeval slime with Kanazawa, and the only reason I did it was that fresh-air-and-sunlight cure for bad ideas: Turn the rock over and see the creepy-crawlies flee. But I had no impact whatsoever.

Still, Kanazawa may have finally gone too far with that most recent blog post.
There is a petition to get him kicked off the Psychology Today blogs, and even a fairly mainstream blog post on Kanazawa's various hatreds.
Added later: Another petition can be signed here.