Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hilarious! Rand Paul on Health Care and Slavery

I have to keep reminding me that actual human beings voted this man in:
A hearing of the Senate HELP Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging looked at emergency room use and took an odd turn Wednesday when Sen. Rand Paul compared the “right to health care” to slavery.
“With regard to the idea whether or not you have a right to health care you have to realize what that implies. I am a physician. You have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. You are going to enslave not only me but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants, the nurses. … You are basically saying you believe in slavery,” said Paul (R-Ky.), who is an ophthalmologist.
Let me think this through. So if we have a right to vote, all those people working the election booths are slaves, right? We keep them in pens in-between elections.
And naturally all health care workers in the UK are slaves, too?