Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today's Funny Coincidence

Remember the post I wrote about some people arguing that women's lower earnings don't matter as they consume so much? I bet that sounded really weird to you. Well, I found this comment at the today, attached to a piece on the gender gap:
I agree. This is a scam. There is one simple refuting fact. Its not who earns the but who spends it.
Women clearly have the same standard of living as men. They inhabit the wealthy suburbs the same as men drive the same cars, go on the same holidays etc. In fact, they spend most of the money. About 70 percent of all spending is women and that is not just croceries, but cars, houses etc.
If the situation were reversed, the feminists would complain that they are being exploited by their husbands. They are being sent out to work, often in dangerous conditions, only to have to hand the money over to their husbands to spend. They would call it "femiocide" that 93 percent of all deaths at work were women.
These comments always come packaged with the same talking points! I just wanted to show you that I'm not making up the puzzle series! Oh, and I have written on the dangerous jobs before, too.