Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hilarious! Rush on Obama's Base

I lovelovelove this! While critiquing Obama's speech, Rush Limbaugh tells us what Obama's base looks like:

The short summary:
Rush: Obama's Base Are "Walking Human Debris" Who Get "Orgasm" From "Savag[ing] Us" Since They "Can't Find Willing Mates"
Irony just blew out her brains. No work left for her in this world.

The "savaging bit" is so delicious, the idea that Obama's base gets their orgasms from savaging right-wingers. It's delicious because the reverse is in fact closer to the truth. Here's Andrew Breitbart:
I can think of no better way to upset the lefties in your life – and please the inner you – than pre-ordering my forthcoming coming-of-rage® book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World. Learn how I went from left to right, then decided to take on the world and become an unexpected culture warrior.
I laughed so hard when I listened to Limbaugh. Then I got worried about my sense of humor. It's really warped, these days.