Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Armpit Wars, Again!

This is priceless and such fun:
Dove recently unveiled its latest campaign, and it hinges on the idea that your armpits are ugly. Dove Ultimate Go Sleeveless is supposed to give women "softer, smoother underarms in just five days"—in ads for the product, which Stephen Colbert calls a "breakthrough shame-o-vation," women cut the sleeves off their tops with joyful expressions, as if they've been liberated from a terrible scourge. If it's news to you that this part of your body is not so hot, Dove says you're in the minority, citing a survey in which 93 percent of women said they "think their underarms are unattractive." And if you doubt statistics culled from 534 women in an anonymous online poll, rest assured that Dove's best advertising efforts will be directed at making those numbers true.
Don't you just love it? The obvious solution is to let that sleek, silky fur grow to cover the pitted ugliness.

But that doesn't contribute to the profit margins. My prediction for the next product is something to bring back the blush to your shaved pubic area. Because it's ugly when covered and ugly when bare and so on.