Thursday, March 03, 2011

Abuse women, but don't insult your boss (by Suzie)

That seems to be the rule in Hollywood, writes David Carr in the NYT. He serves up the example of Charlie Sheen, star of the popular TV show "Two and a Half Men," which has been put on hiatus. During its eight years, two wives and a paid escort have accused Sheen of abusing them physically and threatening to kill them.

Recently, however, he has been spouting insanity in interviews, including garbage about producer Chuck Lorre, who he says he "violently hates." Carr writes:
For years on the show, Mr. Sheen has been playing to type as a naughty boy in a man’s body: the result was often scabrous and funny and a hit in the ratings. It also fits another depressing pattern. From “Animal House” to Howard Stern, from “Pretty Woman” to “The Hangover,” Hollywood has long had a soft spot for male misbehavior and, in claiming to parody childish misogyny, it seems to provide an excuse to indulge in it further.

... Mr. Sheen may have gone off-script last week. But in his attitudes toward women both on and off screen, he’s right on message.