Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Hate Raisins

I do. I must have hated them far back in that murky mist of beginnings, because one of my earliest memories is having to get rid of this disgusting THING in my mouth, outoutout!

Raisins ruin perfectly good dishes all over the world, and I have developed excellent raisin detection skills. They look like rabbit poop (and taste like it, too), and unless they have half-melted in (as in cinnamon buns) one can carefully scrape them out with the tip of a knife and not even touch them!

Who invented raisins? Can you imagine a recipe which calls for a handful of rabbit pellets? But raisins! Sure thing! Let's add them to delicious dishes and cakes, just to make Echidne recoil.

So this isn't much of a post. I could have written one on celery, too, the main class of tree trunks that we are supposed to gnaw on. Come to think of it, I'm a pretty picky eater. Also, empty of real posts today. But you can tell me what foods you really hate or love!